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Generate math test problem sheets

Generate and print arithmetic problem sheet for younger elementary grade students.

Purpose of this project

This project provides practice math problems for early-grade elementary school students. A set of random addition and/or subtraction problems are generated (but with some simple rules: no duplicates, and numbers must be within a specified range) for printing. My kid, in 2nd grade, is fine with math, but not the timed math tests given at school. He has to solve 25 addition and subtraction equations within 90 seconds, and he could not pass it. I wrote this program to make simulated math test problems printed in a form similar to the timed tests at school. After a few timed practices at home using the output of this application, my child finally passed the school test. It is my hope others might find this project useful for their elementary school students.


What does project this do?

On start up, the application creates a set of 25 math problems, currently limited to addition and subtraction. Click the "Print" button and a sheet with the 25 problems is sent to your printer. Need another sheet? Just click the "New Problems" button for a new set of math and print again. Don't like the number ranges, click the "Settings" button to customize the problem set.

Can the math problems be adjusted?

Yes, just a bit through the Settings button.
The first tab allows setting the maximum X, Y values.
The entries must be such that the lowest valid number is 2 and the highest is 9,999.

The second tab adjusts the types of math problems and whether or not to allow 0 in the problem set.
If only addition problems are needed, un-check the "Subtraction" check box. Having both "Addition" and "Subtraction" check marked includes both types in the problem set. If zero may be included in the problem set, check-mark the appropriate check box.

What are the system requirements?

Windows Vista to 8.1 (desktop only)
.NET framework 4.5 needs to be installed.
A Windows-compatible, connected printer.

How to install this application

Select the "Downloads" tab above and download the installer. Once on your PC, run the installer (sorry, but I do not have a costly certificate to give to the installer, so you will get a warning about "unknown publisher").

Also, one may download the source code (Visual Studio 2013 solution) and build the application with your own copy of Visual Studio 2013 or later. Go to the source code tab and download the ZIP file.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

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