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Math Sheet Printer Instructions

This application prints practice math problem work sheets.


This application runs on Windows with .NET 4.5 framework installed.
The code was create using Visual Studio 2013, so building from the source code will require VS 2013 or higher. This is a desktop application, not a Windows 8 tile application. A connected windows-compatible printer also is necessary.

Building the source code optional

  • If .NET 4.5 is not installed, it will need to be installed before the project can build. Try for the correct version for your installation of windows.
  • Download the source code ZIP file.
  • Unzip the source to an appropriate folder.
  • Open the solution file, MathSheetPrinter.sln, using Visual Studio (2013 or higher).
  • Create the release build, for example, by selecting menu "Build --> Build Solution".

Running the application

If MathSheetPrinter was installed using the downloaded installer, locate the "+ -" icon on the desktop and double click it.

if MathSheetPrinter was built using your copy of Visual Studio, hit the F5 button (or even better, Ctrl F5).

The MathSheetPrinter application will appear with a double-column of 25 arithmetic problems ready to print. If this set of problems in insufficient, or it is time to print a new set of problems, click the "New Problems" button at the top of the window to generate new math problems.

The type of math problems create can be modified by clicking the "Settings" button. The "Operands" tab allows setting the maximum "X" and "Y" values for the problem set. The "Rules" tab allows selection of:
  1. Only addition problems.
  2. Only subtraction problems.
  3. Both addition and subtraction (default)
  4. Inclusion of "0" as a valid number (false by default).

The changed settings can be saved for subsequent problem generation.


My kid is in 2nd grade at elementary school. He does fine with math, but not with the timed math tests, where he has to solve 25 X plus-or-minus Y problems in 90 seconds. I create this application so he could practice timed math at home. I have no special knowledge of the actual tests administered at his elementary school, just my observations of the tests he brings home.

I welcome constructive suggestions and comments, or feature requests.

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